Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kin surprises by Bhaiyyu Maharaj suicide note

 INDORE: The second page of Bhaiyyu Maharaj's suicide note, in which he hands over specialist of all monetary and property dealings to his long-lasting associate Vinayak, has amazed numerous relatives and activated worry inside Shri Sadguru Datta Dharmik Evam Parmarthik Trust. There is disarray over who will settle on issues of the trust now. The police are getting the note analyzed by penmanship specialists, however sources say there is little uncertainty it was composed by the master.

Relatives of Bhaiyyu Maharaj made it obvious that they were not content with the idea of Vinayak taking care everything being equal. "There is no doubt of any complaint (to Vinayak) emerging, in light of the fact that it is completely clear. The family claims the property. Whatever must be done, the family will do," said Deepak Salunkhe, previous NCP MLA and a nearby relative of Bhaiyyu Maharaj.

FIRE The master's little girl, Kuhu, 17, played out the last ceremonies.

Asked what might be the family's stand if Vinayak applies his power, he stated, "He can go back and forth, however in the event that he does anything, he will be tossed out." Salunkhe, who is brother by marriage of Bhaiyyu Maharaj's senior sister, said he has had exchanges with Vinayak on the issue.

Vinayak declined to be drawn closer with questions in regards to the suicide note.
He was incinerated in Indore on Wednesday with several supporters droning songs. The master's girl, Kuhu, 17, played out the last ceremonies at Meghdoot crematorium around 2.30pm. Grating in the family moved into the open at the ashram. Kuhu and her stepmother Dr Aayushi Sharma sat on either side of the glass chamber that held the body yet did not see eye-to-eye.

Association serve Ramdas Athavale and Maharashtra clergymen Pankaja Munde, Girish Mahajan and Eknath Shinde went to the incineration, yet no clergyman from the Madhya Pradesh government did. Authority Nishant Warwade said he was speaking to the legislature.


So its about cash. No big surprise he submitted suicide.

Murali Kesavan

Bhaiyyu Maharaj's burial service was not given state respects however the authority had said so on Tuesday. "Bhaiyyu Maharaj had rejected MoS status. His desire was kept up upon his passing,"

His body was kept at Suryodaya Ashram from 10am to 1pm for lovers to pay their last regards. Sadhus, including Computer Baba and Yogendra Mahant, who were granted clerical posts in MP government alongside Bhaiyyu Maharaj, paid their tribute.

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