Saturday, November 3, 2018

46-year-old Indian-American captured in California's Silicon Valley over H-1B visa extortion

Washington: A 46-year-old Indian-American has been captured and charged in California on charges of H-1B visa extortion. Kishore Kumar Kavuru was captured Friday morning and created under the steady gaze of the US officer judge Susan van Keulen. He was later discharged on bond. Kavuru has been accused of 10 checks of visa misrepresentation and the same number of include of mail extortion association with a plan to keep up a pool of outside specialists for the customers of his counseling organizations. 

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The charged faces 10 years in jail and a greatest fine of $250,000 for each check of visa extortion and up to 20 years of detainment for each tally of mail misrepresentation. Since 2007, Kavuru was the proprietor and CEO of four counseling organizations. He is blamed for submitting deceitful reports to both the Department of Labor and the Department of Homeland Security, containing subtle elements of fake work ventures anticipating the outside specialists. 

Since a significant number of the applications were at last endorsed, the Indian-American had a pool of jobless H-1B recipients that were quickly accessible for real work ventures, giving him an upper hand over other staffing organizations that pursued the occasionally protracted visa-application process, government examiners said. 

As a major aspect of the plan, Kavuru required some imminent laborers to pay a large number of dollars in real money before he would get ready and present the visa applications. He additionally required a few specialists to hold up unpaid, in some cases for a considerable length of time, to be put at an end-customer's work environment, the Department of Justice said in an announcement. Through his counseling organizations, Kavuru submitted and sent roughly 43 petitions for H-1B programming engineers. "Truth be told, there were no product build positions accessible at the advantages organization," government examiners included.

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