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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Is this why PM Modi picked Houston for Howdy, Modi ?

There is a striking closeness between the increase of Texas to the US and Jammu and Kashmir's merger with India. 

Other than the optics of discretion and displaying the intensity of the Indian diaspora, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Houston in Texas has another noteworthiness. It lies in the historical backdrop of Texas and the United States on one hand, and a resemblance with Jammu and Kashmir and India on the other. 


  • PM Modi will address the Indian diaspora at the Howdy, Modi' occasion in the US 
  • PM Modi visiting Texas has another centrality other than discretion 
  • It lies in the historical backdrop of Texas with the US and a similarity with J&K and India

The Kashmir association in PM Modi's Houston visit was obvious in the manner NRI Kashmiri Pandits welcomed the PM in his first visit to the US after the rejecting of the extraordinary status of Jammu and Kashmir conceded under Article 370 of the Constitution. 

Much the same as Jammu and Kashmir was not a piece of India at the hour of Independence, Texas was not part of the United States of America when it was shaped. 

Texas was a piece of Mexico till 1836. It opposed Mexico and pronounced freedom in 1836 as the Republic of Texas. This occurred under the initiative of Samuel Houston, who was conceived in America and had settled in Mexican Texas in the mid 1830s after a concise political stretch in the US. 

Houston, the fourth most crowded city of the US and most crowded in Texas, is named after Samuel Houston.

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