Sunday, October 20, 2019

Flower power

Flower styling is an art form. A combination of the right flower type in a vase that helps it bloom will amplify your chosen aesthetic. We round up inspiring ways to welcome flowers into your home. Spaces and flowers are the new canvas for your rooms. Make sure the arrangements are structured and accentuated by foliage, and follow an organic approach.

1. A modern vignette
A high table is a perfect place to perch a floral arrangement in a hallway, an entrance, or a corner, that needs extra attention. Place flowers in a way that natural light falls on them, making the vignette look more like an art installation than everyday decor.
2. Table centrepiece
Flower styling should be quirky, fun and easy. Table centrepiece arrangements bring in a signature style. Soak the flowers well in water. Use flower stems in a way that the arrangement appears relaxed and informal. Keep adding flowers until you are happy with how it looks.
3. Bedside cheer
Always keep bright roses by your bedside. A beautiful pastel cluster perks up your mood and the room. They complement the bedding; just make sure it’s not too ‘matchy-matchy’.
4. Rainbow bouquets
Don’t keep to a single colour tone. Make a rainbow bouquet with different colours. Marigolds, lilies, daises... get your unique mix.
5. Garden fresh
Don’t forget to add flower, ferns in your kitchen and bathroom. Wildflowers like bougainvillaea pep up the kitchen and bathroom. To keep things easy, get your arrangement done in a quirky and tropical style for the kitchen. This floral arrangement adds quirk to any space.

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