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Monday, July 13, 2020

Document Scanner - PDF Creator

Document Scanner - PDF Creator

Sometimes during the same day, you may want to scan your various documents multiple times. The situation in it is that if everything is planned you will definitely not suffer more. But it is wrong to say if the need to scan the document occurs one by one.

CV Infotech brings you a portable doc scanner to save you from that situation. This Doc Scanner allows you to scan your documents at any time.

The app also has some extra features that make your document look more professional and feel better after a scan.

Let's take a tour of those amazing features:

* Scan your document.

* Automatically / manually increase scan quality.

* Growth includes smart crops and lots.

* Timize your PDF in modes like B / W, Light, Color and Dark.

* Turn the scan into a clear and sharp PDF

* Organize your dock into folders and sub-folders.

* Share PDF / JPEG files.

* Print and fax the scanned doc directly from the application.

Upload a document to a cloud like Google Drive, Draw Pub Box X etc.

* Scan QR code / bar-code.
* Generate QR code.
* Share scanned QR code.
* Rotate your old documents transparently and sharply by removing noise.
* You can create PDFs in many sizes like A1 to A-6 and postcards, letters, notes etc.

Features at a glance:

- Best Document Scanner - These are all features that a scanner should have.

- Portable Document Scanner - By having this document scanner in your phone, you can save some time and effort by quickly scanning anything on the fly.

- Paper Scanner - The app provides third party cloud storage (drives, photos) where you can scan papers and save to cloud storage.

- Best Document Scanner Lite - Scans are saved on your device in image or PDF format.

- PDF Document Scanner - Scans PDFs in addition to the edge search feature.

- Doc Scan of all kinds - Color, Gray, Sky Blue Scan.

- Easy Scanner - Scan documents like A1, A2, A3, A4… etc. of any size and print instant.

- Portable Scanner - Once installed the dock scanner can turn every smartphone into portable scanners.

- PDF Creator - Convert scanned images to easy quality PDF files.

- QR Code Scanner - This app also has QR Code Scanner feature.

- Bar-code scanner - Another great feature is the bar-code scanner which is additionally integrated throughout this application.

- OCR Text Recognition (feature to come in the next update) - OCR Text Recognition allows you to identify text from images then edit texts or share text on other applications.

- High quality scan - Scan quality does not match, you only get your documents digitally original.

- Images in PDF Converter - You will be able to select some images from the image gallery and convert them to a PDF file as a document.

- Cam Scanner - Take an image of a whiteboard or blackboard and make it exactly the same with the help of the D Sc Scanner Reception even if you fly offline. No internet is required for the application to work.

- Remove grain / noise from old document / picture - Remove sound from old image using various advanced filtering techniques and make it clearer and sharper than before.

Important link:

Get the application from:

- Flashlight - This scanner app also has a flash light feature that helps you take scans in low light environments.

- A + Document Scanner - This application has been rated A + by users based on many ratings and reviews.

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