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Friday, July 17, 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 17 july 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 17 july 2020

Corona cases and deaths in the city are increasing day by day. Corona has become more lethal in the last 16 days. In the last 16 days alone, 4207 more positive cases have been reported in Surat city district. While 207 corona patients have died. So Unlock-2 is becoming more lethal after lockdown, Unlock-1.

The total number of positive cases is 9467
The transition to corona in the city is increasing. At that time, according to the corporation, the number of positive cases in the city district has reached 9467. This brings the death toll in the city district to 401. A total of 180 patients, 151 from the city and 29 from the district, were discharged on the previous day. So the total number of patients recovering has reached 5870.
In Unlock-2, 44.43 per cent coro cases, 50.12 per cent increase in deaths
There are currently 9467 cases in the city district. As on May 31, 18.22 per cent 1725 cases were reported. In June, 3535 cases were reported, up 37.34 per cent. While in just 16 days of July, 44.43 per cent 4207 cases have been registered. Similarly the death toll has reached 401. As of May 31, 17.95 per cent of the 72 had died. 122 deaths were reported in June at 30.42 per cent. While from July 1 to July 16, 50.12 per cent 201 deaths have been reported.
Increase in average cases and deaths in Unlock-2
The city district reported an average of 23 cases as of May 31. Which reached 106 in June. While in the 16 days of July, an average of 262 cases are being registered every day. This included an average of 1 death by May 31. Which averaged 4 in June. While in the 16 days of July an average of 12 patients are dying every day.

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