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Monday, July 13, 2020

JioSecurity: Malware Scan, Antivirus, App

JioSecurity: Malware Scan, Antivirus, App

Our phone contains important data such as verification of phone number, emails, account number, passwords, OTP, personal messages, media files, etc. It is highly protected by world class mobile security software.

JioSecurity helps keep personal information private, away from the eyes of hackers and other malware.

Download the latest version of JioSecurity Antivirus and Malware Solution for Android devices.

Features -

Application Advisor ::

Allowing unnecessary application is dangerous. These permissions allow the app developer to access our personal file which ends up in fraud and other privacy risks.

Application Advisor protects all your personal files, such as pictures, music, videos, account details, by clearly classifying the application as privacy risk, high data / battery usage, and secure applications.

App Advisor for Google Play ::

App Advisor helps you identify dangerous apps from apps already in your phone, while App Advisor for Google Play helps you identify the risk just before you download the app.

At a point where you are close to clicking the install button, it will scan the app for privacy risk and the result will show that you are planning to download the app.

Malware Scan ::

Mware Lover Scan protects your phone from any malicious files.

It runs in the background and notifies you of files or applications that could potentially harm your device and personal information. You will run a manual scan when and when necessary to determine the risks.

Web Security -

The web security feature helps you stay safe during your browsing sessions. It notifies the instant of the Internet site you encounter that contains such malicious code.

Anti-Theft ::

Search - Trace your mobile remotely on a map and locate it.

Lock - Lock your device remotely, the thief will not be ready to access your phone without your passcode.

Scream - An alarm explodes loudly so you are ready to trace it in the event that someone is hiding the phone in his bag.

Wipe - Wipe your data remotely so it can't be misused.

Link Guard ::
Call Blocking: Allows you to block unwanted spam and junk calls on your phone.

Wi-Fi Security - This feature helps you identify if the Wi-Fi you've leaked is secure.

Call blocked:

Block unwanted calls and SMS. Never worry about unwanted interruptions.

For Jio users only:

Jio Security is free for all customers using Jio's SIM.

Supports up to 10 devices:;

Io JioSecurity comes with a single feature where a single JioSecurity subscription can secure up to 10 mobile devices or tablets.

To enable Io JioSecurity and protect them from digital threats, use the same Jio ID and password on any non-Jio devices.

Devices The rest of the devices can also be on any network.


Privacy Policy:

Easy activation for Jio SIM users ::

JIO Security must be activated once installed. Follow the simple steps below

1. If you are accessing the Internet using the Geo Network, simply select "Ignore sign in" to enable Geo Security.

2. Other network users need a Jio id and password to log in and activate JioSecurity.

This application uses the Device Manager Permission and Access Accessibility services.

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