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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Gujarat corona update date 30 august 2020

Gujarat corona update date 30 august 2020

American company Abbott has developed a new covid kit to investigate corona infections. The corona can be examined in just 15 minutes with the help of a kit. A kit costs 400 rupees. The company has named it Binex-Now. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved it.

Understand in 5 points how to use it

According to the kit manufacturer, the new kit will be easier to check. This works just like a pregnancy kit. The test involves taking a sample from the suspect's nose and inserting a liquid chemical into the kit card.
The card will then be closed and the liquid along with the sample will pass over the reactive molecule applied to the surface of the chemical card.
If the sample corona is positive then a colored line will appear on the card.
Pregnancy tests provide information about the hormone, as well as antigens.
Those who test positive will be quarantined and asked to contact a health center.

With uncertainty prevailing over Gujarat's largest nine-day Navratri festival, the world's largest dance festival, the government is also trying to think and decide at the right time. According to the guideline of Unlock-4, a street garba with 100 persons can be allowed, including with the police who can also allow with the approval of the health department of the area.

The people of Gujarat also did not celebrate such festivals for health and safety as they were not allowed to celebrate many festivals in Gujarat amidst the corona. But when Navratri is a big festival for Gujaratis in the month of October, the people of Gujarat and the organizers of Navratri are also seeking approval for Garba in Gujarat following the guideline of Kovid 19.

While the state government is also moving towards a timely decision to celebrate Navratri in Gujarat, only street garba and society garba should be allowed instead of clubs or party plots for Navratri, with more than 100 people gathering as per Unlock-4 guideline. Is banned. Apart from this, police permission is usually required to conduct Garba in streets, societies, party plots and clubs during Navratri festival, but in the case of Corona, discussions are going on with the police to allow Garba only after getting the approval of the health department of the area.

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