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Guide to reopening schools Healthy outside the content zone

States / UTs may gradually decide on reopening of schools and coaching institutes after 15th October.

For schools or coaching centers ::

Guidelines issued by the center on Saturday said sudents could come to school but would need the written permission of their parents or guardians. The ministry said schools and coaching centers must promote online learning if students decide not to attend school due to the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic.

Colleges and higher institutions::

Higher institutions can only reopen for PhD and PG students in science and technology streams who need experimental or lab work.


Earlier, the Union Home Ministry had issued an order clarifying that it was not mandatory for schools to start classes on October 15. The MHAA also said in the Unlock 5 guide that states and union territories are empowered to make decisions. On reopening of schools and coaching institutes after 15 October respectively.

The government said that and online and distance learning would be the only teaching. Where schools run classes online, and some students prefer to go to classes online instead of going to school physically, the government said. "Students can participate in schools / institutions only with the written consent of the parents," he says.


Attendance should not apply and should be based entirely on parental consent, and States and Union Territories will create their own standard operating procedures (SOPs) on health and safety precautions before reopening schools and colleges.

The Ministry of Education has issued guidelines on opening schools and higher educational institutions. Based on which the states have to prepare their own guidelines. The Standard Rating Permitting Procedure (SOP) for opening schools has come out earlier. It provides detailed information on the precautions to be taken against covid. Let us know what is in the new guide.

Schools and colleges may reopen after October 15, but be careful

What are the guidelines for opening schools, coaching institutes?

/ Online / Distance education will be given priority and promotion.

If a student wants to participate in an online class, he or she may be allowed to do so.

Students can come to the school / coaching class only with the written permission of the parents. No pressure of presence should be put on them.

The state will prepare its own SOP based on the SOP of the Department of Education for Health and Safety.

Any school that opens must comply with the SOP of the state education department.

Rules for opening colleges and higher education institutions

The Department of Higher Education will decide when and where higher education institutions will open. Talks will be held with the Home Ministry for this. The guidelines of the education department are as follows.

Prioritize and promote online / distance learning

Currently, the institute only offers research scholars (Ph.D.) and P.G. Will be open to students who want to work in the laboratory. Even in centrally aided organizations, their presidents will decide whether labwork is needed. State universities or private universities may open themselves according to local guidelines.

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