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    The Khelo India app helps you to get information about various sports (how to play - 'Teach'), available sports facilities (where to play - 'Play') and your children's health assessment ('GET FIT'). This application is developed by Sports Authority of India under the Sports India scheme of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju has launched the Khel India Community Coach Development Program for 15,000 physical education teachers and coaches across the country.

The 25-day event was inaugurated by Rijiju on Monday evening.

Describing it as a crucial and far-reaching program that would further India's goal of becoming a sports nation, Rijiju said, "Physical education in schools used to be an advanced system and it was never given much importance. The country needs to create a sports culture.

"Community coaches and physical education teachers have been instrumental in reaching out to every child in every corner of India and encouraging them to pursue sports and fitness as part of their daily lives. If a sports culture can develop, champions will automatically emerge."

He said that health has gradually become a way of life for Indians.

"We will work closely with the HRD ministry and start taking it to every school in India. Health should be a part of everyday life, not an alternative. This is a start and in a few years, its far-reaching effects and India will turn into a fitter country," Rijiju said. Was.

The course module will equip physical education teachers and community coaches with the right set of knowledge and skills to help children of all ages perform a variety of health-related activities and age-appropriate fitness tests.

Regular sessions will be conducted by eminent academics in the field of health and physical education.

In the inaugural session, Professor Rosa Lopez D'Amico, President of the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women, and Professor Darlene Cluca, Vice President of the Internet

So the goal is to make India one of the top 10 Olympic nations by 2028. I have set this goal and we have worked out some plans and strategies with the Indian Olympic Association and all the National Sports Federations. "

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The 2024 Olympics will be hosted by Paris while the 2028 edition of the Quadrilateral will be held in Los Angeles.

Rijiju expressed confidence that India will perform better in the 2024 Games but the main focus will be on the 2028 edition.

"I have no doubt in our minds that by 2028 we will be among the top ten countries in the Olympics and we will do better by 2024, but the top 10 is to be achieved by the 2020 Olympics."

The Minister said that with this goal in mind, the government has launched a number of programs like Ghelo India Games and Fit India Andolan.

"India needs to succeed in the Olympics and that is why we have created this sports culture in India by launching the Khel India, Fit India movement in addition to a variety of support systems and grassroots inspiration.

"India's position in the Olympics is remarkable," Rijiju said.

    The Khelo India app helps you to get information about various sports (how to play - 'Teach'), available sports facilities (where to play - 'Play') and your children's health assessment ('GET FIT'). This application is developed by Sports Authority of India under the Sports India scheme of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

Info About Khelo India test::

The importance of sports and fitness is invaluable in one's life. Playing the game stimulates team spirit, develops strategic and analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk taking. A healthy and wholesome person leads an equally healthy society and a strong nation.

Schools can now download the school version of the app i.e. "Khelu Bharat (Schools) App" for assessing the health of their school students.


Fitness defines the ability to perform physical activity, and encompasses vast abilities. Every activity and sport requires a certain set of skills, and so it is not necessary to be fit for any activity or sport that you fit for another. Fitness is usually divided into specific fitness categories or parts, and each can be tested and trained individually. 

The following pages will help you to administer the fitness test in your school more effectively using the Ghelo India Fitness Assessment application and view the school dashboard on the school interface.

The Khel India program has been introduced to revive India's sports culture to establish India as a sports nation by building a strong framework for all sports played in our country.


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Sport is a very important component for the overall development of our nation. India has made steady progress in the field of sports in the last few years. This enormous potential needs to be demonstrated on a global platform. This is the time for us to inspire young talents, structure and train them to the highest level. We need to cultivate a strong spirit of participation in sports that can show players their true potential. Only then can India's dream of becoming a sports superpower come true.

School Principal Portal Self-Registration- School::

  • Step 1: To open the following link on the web browser the school principal / HM:
  • Click "Sign up"
  • Step 2: The school will self-register for the Ghela India program by completing the basics
  • Details are provided in the form
  • Director of Primary Education, Full School Health Session for Gujarat

School Principal L Login Gin / Assessment and GET Parent App Links::

1.School Principal Login Gin (to sign up) -https: //

2.Ghelo India Application for PET / PTI (School Version) - 

The objectives of KHELO India::

  1. It will be a Central Sector Scheme (a scheme implemented by the machinery of the Central Government and 100% funded by the Central Government).
  2. It is the Pan India Sports Scholarship Scheme which covers 1000 most deserving and talented athletes in the discipline of sports every year.
  3. The selected athletes will get a scholarship of Rs 5 lakh for eight consecutive years.
  4. It is an unprecedented plan, first implemented to create a long-term development path for athletes.
  5. The program aims to identify and promote the country's 20 universities as centers of sports diversity, in order to promote sports players both in studies and sports.
  6. For the promotion of the game, the latest user friendly technology will be used. The former: Transmitting information for sports training through the Geographic Information System (GIS), a user-friendly website for indigenous sports, a national sports talent search portal, and mobile applications for finding sports infrastructure.
  7. To ensure maximum access to organized sports competitions, the program encourages schools and colleges to organize high-quality programs.

The third Crazy India Youth Games was held on 10 January 2020 and 22 January 2020 in Guwahati, Assam, India. [1] [2] The program will feature Rs 20 for multiple disciplinary games at the national level to be played between age groups in the Under-1 and Under-1 categories. Maharashtra retained its title as it topped the medal tally with 78 gold medals, 77 silver medals and 101 bronze medals. The winning team from Maharashtra also broke the previous record by winning a total of 256 medals out of a total of 228 in Pune. The program is organized in 20 branches with the participation of 20 States and Union Territories. The inaugural edition of the Ghela India program was held in New Delhi in 2018, while Pune hosted the second edition in 2019.

Each year the 1000 best performing participants are awarded an annual scholarship of 500,000 for 8 years to prepare them for international sporting events.

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