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Monday, October 5, 2020

Khelo India Training for NODLE TEACHERS

  Khelo India  Training for NODLE TEACHERS

Crazy India Training (Live) | For Acharya and Nodal Sports Stocks it was India’s Dimil

The Central Sector Plan has been implemented to achieve the main objectives of the Government of India's Youth Negotiations and Sports Guidance, Empty India Fitness Assessment in Schools, Agriculture of Children's Sports, Agriculture India's National Health Program Nline Nalian Training. That is, "Khel Bharat" is a national sports development program, under which the Khel Bharat Mobile Application (KEMA) has been launched by the Sports Authority of India to find out the physical health of children in schools.

 The Low Hello India Mobile Application (KEMA) is a fitness assessment report card for the youth of India.

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Factors for Fitness Assessment:
 Under this scheme the following factors / fitness conditions are taken into consideration in the age group of children in the age group.

Standard-1 to 3 (5 to 8 years)
Standard - 4 to 12 (9 to 18 years) 1.
 BMI (prostitutes)

 1. BMI (anatomy)
 2. Flamingo Test (Fixed Balance)
 2. 50 m. Static start (motion),
 3. Plate tapping study (integration test)
 3,600 m. King King (Cardio - Vacular Strength)
 I know. Meeting and
 5. Eyelid curl 30 seconds (main power)
 P. Push Ups (Boys) Girls Kana Upadela Push Ups (Muscular Collaboration)

Gujarat Education Department has conducted online training for school principals for registration of Khelu Bharat and other information. This training is mandatory for all principals and suicides. Put the video here. Able to see who is alive

Role of the school: The academic year starts from June 2020. As a result of current coronary therapeutics, not school experiments to employ children. The following Training Dance Training Program (Total) by School Authority India Fi India and Sarva Shiksha, Gujarat is registered for Sports Nodal Spot Tire of School Study Acharya School.

 Apart from this e-certificate has been organized for Sports Authority Sports India and Samagra Shiksha, Gujarat Acharya / Nodal Sports Teacher. The principal of the school which is registered for nodal sports study, like the immediate registration above, is pending.


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 Slots up to PGA are no longer called. In addition, for information and problems under the above program, you can contact the Sports Authority of India fidiano at the following number.

 1. Support More (Regional Manager, Ghelo India) - 8154092339

 2. Roshan Tiwari (Executive Ashi., Ghela Bharat) -9899683557 - Affiliation - Trainer Program (N) Plan Nyline Training Details


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