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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

National Secondary Education Campaign supplementary literature STD 10th

National Secondary Education Campaign supplementary literature STD 10th

The Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GSHSEB) has decided to reduce Class 9 to 12 courses by 30% amid epidemics. The reduction in the curriculum is applicable for the academic year 2020-21.

GSHSEB held several meetings with all concerned staff on July 23, August 20, September 11 regarding curriculum reduction. Later on September 29, the authorities decided to rationalize the curriculum for classes 9 to 12.

A parent in Gujarat commented on the decision taken by GSHSEB, “This is the best decision ever taken by the government. Classes It will be very difficult to complete the entire course by teaching one subject every day through online classes. Now, students can better prepare for board exams.

A meeting was held in the presence of Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama and the following decisions were taken.

The final term-end examination will be held on May 21, 2021 for 10th and 12th class and the final term-end examination of 9th and 11th class will be held in June 2021.
Given the fact that schools have been closed since March, the curriculum has been reduced to 30%, however, subjects with 30% of the curriculum will be taught by the teacher so that students can prepare for competitive exams.

The decision to reduce the curriculum was taken to reduce stress for students and will ultimately help them better prepare for their board exams.
The subject which has been reduced will be sent to the District Education Officer, who will inform the schools about it. Moreover, the board will also upload the information on the official website.

The Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GSHSEB) has decided to reduce the syllabus from 9 to 12 for the academic year 2020-21 by 30% due to the prevailing coronavirus state. In addition, Sophistication 10 and 12 examinations will be held on May 21 and Sophistication will be held on June 9 and 11 in the month of the year following. The selection was made keeping in view the load of the course on the scholars.
According to the GSHSEB, the views of educationists were further sought on July 23, August 20 and September 11 in the presence of officials from the training department at similar conferences on the same buffalo. Later, on September 29, a meeting was held in the presence of Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, following which the choice was made to rationalize the curriculum.

State Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said, “Schools have been closed since March and classes are taken online. Considering the difficulties faced by students and parents, we held four meetings with academics to discuss the concerns of parents and students about exams and courses. We have decided that the Class 10, 12 exams will be held on 21st May and the Class 9, 11 exams will be held in June. Keeping similar concerns in mind, we have also reduced the curriculum for grades 9 to 12 by 30% for 2020-21. "


                            STD 11 NEW UPDATED SYLLABUS 

                            STD 12 NEW UPDATED SYLLABUS

Earlier, scholars and elders had given an example seeking to rationalize the curriculum, board sources said. This led to the same conversation and the choice to cut about 30% of the course. This indicates that the exam papers will not have questions from this 30% part. The choice was made in the order that research for college students is much less stimulated, they can usually put up effectively for board exams, officials said.

However, this clear 0% of the curriculum can be taught by academics so that college students can retain all the original ideas that can help keep them together for aggressive exams.

Matters to be reduced to 0% can be sent to the District Training Officers who will inform the colleges about the same matters. In addition, the board may add it to its web site.

Dharmendrasinh Rathore, the father of a class 10 scholar, mentioned, "This is the best decision by the government. Class In an online class, only one subject is covered every day and it will be difficult to cover the whole course in this format. This will help students prepare better. ”

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