Tuesday, October 6, 2020

National Secondary Education Campaign supplementary literature STD 12th

 National Secondary Education Campaign supplementary literature STD 12th

Gujarat Board or GSCB CBSE with 9th to 12th class syllabus. Temporary action is taken on the lines of the board - CBSE syllabus includes much-needed subjects reduced by 30%.

Following the announcement of 30 per cent reduction in CBSE syllabus for students in classes 9 to 12, the Gujarat government is reportedly working on it and has directed the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education to reduce the syllabus. Students. The curriculum will be reduced to include only the most essential subjects.

Gujarat Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama informed that instructions have been passed on the board to start the work of reducing the curriculum. He further added that suggestions would be sought from subject matter experts after which a decision would be taken on what to keep and what to keep in the syllabus.

Reports indicate that the board is certain to maintain only what is needed for students in the next class. The Gujarat Board Chairman said that a decision on the revised syllabus would be taken soon with the advice of the state government. He further added that with the possibility of dropping out premature students from the syllabus, the rationalization of the syllabus has to be done keeping in view that these students will appear for the national level entrance examination in the coming months. He also pointed out that the effort of the department will ensure that the students do not miss any important thing.

The department will consult academics through webinars and curriculum topics will be discussed. Students and study staff will be notified of the change within a week. A webinar has been organized on July 6, 2020, and students can also expect a reduced course like CBSE by Gujarat Board soon.

Resource Editor, Dr. Ramesh Pokrilai recently announced the CBSE Board Curriculum Test. Courses for grades 9 to 12 are reduced by 30 percent. The same tank is used by temporary Gujarat Hospital patients and top medical education board, G.S.S.C.B. Only the most essential subjects include students.

GSHSEB) Officials at Gandhinagar on Thursday considered three different scenarios for reopening schools.
One of these options is that if schools were to reopen in September, the academic calendar and curriculum had to be planned with it. This could lead to a 20% reduction in the academic curriculum for the year 2020-21, sources said.

"If schools are to reopen in October, the curriculum will have to be reduced by 30%. For the third scenario, where schools have to reopen in November due to the Covid-19 crisis, the curriculum will have to be reduced by 40% or more, ”a GSHSEB source said. Schools across the country have been closed since mid-March due to the coronavirus epidemic.


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Education Progress Bhupendradrohi Chudasama informs, “The implementation of the syllabus starts temporarily. Subject failure is notified, then what is left is determined and what is it? ”

The board of the same is required for the students of the next class. "The decision should be taken soon with the advice of the state government," he said. The syllabus of the All India Radio courses that have been dropped from the syllabus has been taken into consideration which is in the same month, which is in progress for the examination of the national examination of next month. So, what is the importance of the students who have been ensured by our efforts. ”

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