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Tuesday, October 6, 2020



Nishtha Teachers Training Program 2020 - Nisha is a National Initiative for School Presidents and holistic progress of teachers. The HRD Minister started a training program for 'Nishta' teachers. Nishta is a capacity building program to improve the quality of school education through integrated teacher training. It also aims to build skills between all teachers and school principals at an early stage.

Activists (at state, district, block, cluster level) will be integrated training on education outcomes, school based assessment, learner-centered pedagogy, new education initiatives, addressing different needs of children through multiple lectures, etc. This will be done by forming National Resource Groups (NRGs) and State Resource Groups (SRGs) at the national and state levels which will then train 42 lakh teachers. A robust portal / management information system (MIS) for the delivery of training, monitoring and support mechanisms will also be affected by this capacity building initiative.

Loyalty Mega-Training and its benefits:

Teachers, school principals, S.M.C. And a dedicated teacher training program for state / district / block / cluster level workers will be held in 2020 and the program will benefit elementary school education in the following ways:

1. All teachers, principals, block resource coordinators, cluster resource coordinators, learner-centered pedagogy, learning outcomes, improvement of children's social and personal qualities, school based assessment, new initiatives, school safety and safety of various subjects and pedagogy etc. .

2. All faculty members of DIET, SCERT, IASE. CTE, etc. Learning focused pedagogy, learning outcomes, improvement of children's social and personal qualities, school based assessment, new initiatives and teaching of various subjects etc. will be covered.





Information on loyalty training programs

Involvement of teachers in loyalty teacher training for all subject primary teachers related to the above subject states that last year Nistha training was organized all over the state of Gujarat. In which 89297 primary school teachers were trained face to face. Due to the epidemic of Covid-19, training will be conducted at the init online initiation platform through Nista course this year. Last year the initiation course on devotion was taken for primary school teachers who have not undergone devotion training. BV Ashram School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Railway School and Sainik School will be connected. GBV, Ashram School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Railway School and Sainik School) All the 12 courses of loyalty training should be coordinated and necessary arrangements should be made for its proper implementation.

 The same can be seen by scanning the QR code. To join the teacher training, the self-declaration form must be filled on the loyalty portal by + 10-2020 and fill in the teacher code and school u dice code. Primary teachers who have lagged behind in loyalty training will have to participate in the online training school through 18 courses. In which he has to join all the 18 courses in person, the timesheet of which is as follows.

During this training, the teacher can check his CRC for joining the training as well as for academic questions or difficulties. The coordinator should be contacted. Course for each teacher can be downloaded after completing the online curriculum module training, certificate of completion of loyalty training, can be downloaded from the training page by logging on to the initiation platform 8 to 15 days after completion of the training. Each teacher has to prepare a syllabus report (total 12 as per the module) on how to apply the things learned in the classroom training and submit it to the CRC Coordinator during the assignment period. * The CRC Coordinator has to prepare a register for the report submitted by the teacher (total 12 as per the module) as per the sample given below and submit it to the BRC Coordinator by 5th November 2020.


Loyalty training for teachers

Loyalty Training for Teachers: There are many questions in the scope of this question. The first question is what is training? The second question is what is the difference between education and training? The third question may be that if, as in other fields, it is accepted to update itself with the changing times, to adopt new ideas and new technologies, then teachers working in the field of education, teacher instructors should be trained. What a utility. What is the contribution of training in the field of education.

Circular regarding 2020 training for primary school teachers

Objectives of the Loyalty Mega-Training Program:

Nisha Teacher Training Modules, Leadership Modules (Nisha Course Materials)

T.S. Nistha Teachers Training Schedule 2020 for teachers

Download Nishta Pre-Training Survey Questionnaire

The loyalty mega-training program differs from other training programs in terms of its objectives, vision as well as the complete constitution of implementation. The objectives of the Loyalty Mega-Training Program are:

To equip all primary level teachers on the subject of teaching outcomes, school based assessment, learner centered pedagogy, new teaching initiatives and multiple teaching to meet the different needs of children etc.

To monitor teachers and provide extended assistance using multiple modes up to the classroom level, with a view to improving students ’learning outcomes.

To guide state activists and school principals on education outcomes, national achievement survey, learner-focused pedagogy and new initiatives in school education so that they can monitor schools and support schools in implementing new initiatives.

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