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Wednesday, October 7, 2020



The Union Minister of Human Resource Development has launched the National Mission to Improve Education Outcomes at Primary Level, ‘School Head and Teacher Holistic Advancement (NISH)’.

All Teacher Nista September 2020 Teacher Training is currently launching loyalty training on the Daksha application, under which teachers who do not yet need to undergo loyalty training are taking this training from home. The education site will bookmark all the important data available here .After completing this training, the teachers will prepare a report of each model. Here are some module reports. Put it as a template that you can view and write.

             Curriculum for Primary Teachers 2020 and Inclusion Classrooms Loyalty training for the National Education Policy Curriculum, the purpose of this presentation is to develop an understanding of how to prepare classrooms for different general situations, taking into account the current college epidemic in addition to its study and diversity. . The following national education policy will further clarify who will be between curriculum development tasks and curriculum. An understanding of social learning and its strategy for creating classrooms.

PROBLEM 1:-Not joining the course ??

 The course cannot be joined.
If you have selected your role as Other or Other Essential Services while logging in, you will edit it and select it as Teacher.

PROBLEM 2 :- Doesn't show next button during course ?? 


The reason may be as shown in 1. above. Secondly, even if the profile is not synchronized, for this to happen, go to the settings of the app, go to the data sync, select Always on select there and click on sync now.

PROBLEM 3 :- Video does not play or does not show progress ??

Does not show progress / NEXT button does not appear / Video does not play.
Reinstall the Diksha app by uninstalling it. Login

PROBLEM 4 :- The above problem comes up despite trying as above

  To complete the given course within the time limit you need to open the website in Chrome browser on phone or computer or laptop. Go to Explore there and select Gujarat in the state. Login from the option there and open the course in Chrome browser only 
      The inclusion of children with special needs in regular classrooms is a reflection of the issues related to education, the diversity in the first standard, and each class, and the same teacher tries to teach all the children about your curriculum and class...

Nishta Program: Detailed

The Nisha program aims to increase the capacity of 42 lakh participating teachers. It will cover all primary level teachers and school heads in all government schools, members of the State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT), District Education and Training Institutes (DIETs) as well as block resource coordinators and cluster resources. Coordinators in all States and Union Territories.

Under the program, nationally certified training modules will be developed for all the States and Union Territories. However, States and Union Territories will be able to use their own materials and resource persons, referring to the training modules and taking into account the core issues and expected outcomes of NISHTHA.

The training will be conducted directly by the Key Resource Person (KRP) and State Resource Person (SRP), identified by the State and Union Territories. The training will be conducted by 120 National Resource Persons, KVS, NVS, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) and non-governmental organizations identified by key resource persons, NCERT, CBSE.

The main features of the program are activity-based modules including educational games and quizzes and socio-emotional learning, motivational interactions, team building, school-based assessment preparation, built-in continuous build back mechanism, monitoring online monitoring and support system, training need and impact analysis. (Pre and post-training).


The training modules of the Nishch program have been developed through a consultation process with suggestions from states and Union Territories and educational institutions including CBSE, KVS, NVS, school principals, and NGOs like Kaivalya Foundation, Tata Trust, Azim Premji Foundation, and ur Robindo Society.

The training program to support teachers has been integrated with technology to facilitate simple facilities, availability of digital materials and technology-enabled teaching methods. To promote this, NCERT has developed a mobile (Modular O Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) based mobile application and Learning Management System (LMS). LMS will be used as a key tool for online registration of individuals and teachers, dissemination of resources, training distance and impact analysis, monitoring, guidance and progress online.

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