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Monday, October 5, 2020

Not To Use The Valve Or Filter Mask

Not To Use The Valve Or Filter Mask

The mask is the only available option when there is no vaccine available to report the above subject or to prevent coronary infection. Filters or valve masks are used by the zodiac through a variety of masks, which do not provide adequate protection against the edges of the corona.

The Government of India has been instructed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare not to use such masks. Therefore, make sure that not all zodiac valves or filtered masks in your area are used. In addition, you will undertake efforts to spread public awareness not to use valves or filtered masks.

Experts warn of filtered masks, find out how dangerous even the recommendation to wear health experts from the onset of corona virus. But British television presenter Alex Bersford was criticized by masked fans. Alex uploaded a picture of himself wearing his own mask on Twitter on Thursday. Fans then commented on many of his co-boxes. Fans wrote in response to this post that Alex wore a face mask to escape from Cochid-19, which is not true. On Thursday, Alex said in an episode of 'Good Morning Britain', I wore a mask while traveling by cab in London. Although I would like to know what is the right way to wear a face mask.

Alex said, ‘Some people wrote on my photos with a face mask that I was wearing the wrong kind of face mask. He said this because it has filters. Its claims can prevent airborne infections, but if exhaled, this mask cannot be saved from me. Telling Alex it's really true? Should I change my face mask? In response to this question, Dr. Good Jarvis, a health expert from Bripton, Alex said in a live TV show that filter masks can be dangerous.

‘Valve mask works for pollution, not COVID-19’

Arvind Kumar, chairman of the Chest Surgery Center for Chest Surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and director of the Institute of Robotic Surgery, explains, “In Covid-19, the main purpose of the mask is to protect others from you. The secondary purpose is to protect oneself. In air pollution, the sole purpose is to protect yourself. That is the basic difference. In pollution, you need to clean 100% of the air you breathe and the breath you are breathing will be allowed to return to the environment without resistance so that you do not breathe your own air again. But for Covid-1, when you exhale, with 100% purification and a valve mask, everything you breathe through the mask is filtered, but when you exhale, The valve opens and allows incomplete air to come out. . Therefore, if someone is infected with COVID-19 and is wearing a valve mask, he is infecting others. "


Why you should avoid wearing an N-95 mask with a valve

According to the letter, the valved N-95 mask is not able to stop the spread of coronavirus. Dr. Explaining to Nikhil Modi, Senior Consultant, Respiratory, Critical Care and Sleep Disorders, Critical Surveillance Institutions, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi,, “When you exhale, the exhausted air goes out of the N-valve. . 95 masks. If a person wearing such a mask becomes infected, the COVID-19 virus is spread in the air through exhaled air, which increases the risk of contamination of other people. So, in a way, that coronavirus-control strategy fails. "On the other hand, a mask without a valve will not allow the virus to spread.


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