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Monday, October 5, 2020


Home Learning Study Material Video Standard 3 DD Girnar / Diksha Portal Video

  • Home Learning Diksha Portal Std. 3rd video.
  • Home Learning Video You link the tube to the standard.
  • Home Learning Standard 6th Video Diksha Portal Link

Our home learning principles:

  • Home learning can help children practice, apply and expand their skills and knowledge learned in class.
  • Home learning promotes interest and excitement that motivates young people to become lifelong learners.
  • Private responsibility for decision making, organization and education develops.
  • Opportunities are provided to develop a variety of skills in all areas of the curriculum in new and different contexts.
  • Home study results are always valued, shared and celebrated during one-of-a-kind settings, of which pride grows.
  • All tasks are being designed with open end results so that individual learning can be marketed.
  • Collaboration between children and their families is inspired by meaningful engagement in a child’s learning.
  • The partnership becomes stronger between home and teachers.

Std. 3 [Updated Daily] Home Learning Video

Important Link :

  • In June 2004 Std. 8 & 11
  • In June 2005 Std. 9 & 12
  • In June 2006 Std. 10 In June 2007 Std. 5 & 6
  • In June 2008 Std. 7
  • In June 2008 Std. 8 for English Subject book for supplementary reading
  • In June 2009 Std. 9 for English Subject book for supplementary reading
  • In June 2009 Std. 10 for English Subject book for supplementary reading
  • In June 2008 Std. 8 (Prathama-I) textbooks for Sanskrit Pathshala
  • In June 2009 Std. 9 (Prathama-I) textbooks for Sanskrit Pathshala
  • In June 2010 Std. 10 (Prathama-I) textbooks for Sanskrit Pathshala
  • From June 2008,

Home learning is an activity that a toddler is asked to finish outside of the varsity day, either on their own or with an adult. Home learning can range from reading a book aloud to completing a search project a few specific subject. We recognise that a child’s house is a strong learning environment therefore we encourage the youngsters to collaborate with their families so as to finish these activities.
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