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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Today Rashifal bhavishya


Today Rashifal bhavishya

 Rashifal or horoscope is a chart based on astrological events in which a person's present and future information is shown based on astronomical events. By studying these celestial bodies, the effects and side effects of a person or an event are judged.

 While making or looking at a horoscope one has to look at the position of the planets at the time of birth, such as in which zodiac Moon is and where is the Sun planet and what is the movement of other planets. There are 9 planets in the universe - Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Guru, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Similarly there are 12 zodiac signs.

The zodiac is fixed before the time and place when a person takes birth, and the horoscope is created on the basis of these planets. After this, the planets change their place in different zodiac signs throughout the year and it affects right or wrong person. On the basis of Jataka zodiac, Jyotishacharya examines every aspect and departments of life and if there is any kind of problem here, he explains its solution.

The person's personality and behavior are analyzed using this. True and accurate information about one's likes and dislikes, feelings, love, life, career, health, etc. is obtained from the horoscope and the horoscope itself. And on this basis, horoscope is made. In order to make the prediction made by the current horoscope more accurate, efforts are also being made at some places that by combining ancient Vedic horoscope of India with Western Horoscope today, events are being assessed. The predictions being made are becoming more accurate than before.

Today, the whole world is definitely using this horoscope and horoscope of India. Horoscope and horoscope are used by every Sanatani person in life in India. We can get every small or big information about the changes happening in our life with our horoscope.

You should be a little cautious about the negative nature of family and friends. This may be a small thing but in the coming times it can cause bitterness in your relationships. Ask your family and friends how they are feeling today. By doing this you may be able to avoid the troubles.

Today you need to be careful on what you eat. Stay away from eating fried and fried, it can spoil your stomach. Try to eat plain and nutritious food. Today you need to be cautious concerning food. Soon you will be in good health as before.

Today is a very busy day for you, you will get relief from chronic illness. In the beginning you need to be more alert and careful. Keep in mind, a little carelessness can help the disease to grow again. You should eat balanced food.

Nowadays you are feeling very romantic and want to express love with your friends. You are also particularly attracted to a particular friend. Today you should keep your mind happy, because today your love is to climb. All today's efforts will be successful. Focus on your partner or friend. The result will be favorable.

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