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Users worried about privacy, find out WhatsApp responds to new policy |

Why WhatsApp changed the policy

WhatsApp said: "We announced in October 2020 that we are updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to better enable small businesses as part of WhatsApp's business vision. Because we have created a new security rule for small businesses. As you know, changes in security policy are common in the tech industry. On users 'privacy, WhatsApp said that respect and protection of users' privacy is in our DNA. Since we started WhatsApp, we have maintained their service with strong privacy principles.

The whole information is given in the new terms

WhatsApp stated that our updated Terms and Privacy Policy provides further information this time around on how we change our commitment to users' data and privacy. The new policy provides users with full information about the security of their data.

'Good communication with business'

WhatsApp said that 'many businesses rely on WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. We work with businessmen who use Facebook or a third party to improve communication with you on WhatsApp. WhatsApp, part of the Facebook company, offers experiences and integration of Facebook's apps and products.

Why is Facebook being given data?

WhatsApp said ‘users have one month before the privacy policy and conditions apply. In addition to providing the option of Facebook as a business service provider, this now provides more options to users / businesses. Facebook is being taken to protect WhatsApp's data. Users can close the business whenever they want.

WhatsApp will take your information

According to WhatsApp's new privacy policy and terms, the company will take into account your device ID, user ID, phone number, email ID, all contacts, mobile transactions and phone location. The new terms state that all information going through your mobile will be shared with Facebook and Instagram.

WhatsApp's new policy has given users till February 8. Users are also given the option to accept later, but those who do not accept the policy after February 8 will not be able to use this app.

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